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Letter to parents and carers

Monday 21st September 2020


Dear Parents and Carers


I am writing to inform you of the sad news that one of our Teachers, Mr Huw Wright, sadly died on Tuesday 15th September and I would welcome you to join with the school community in sending our love and sympathy to Huw’s family at this difficult time.


Huw had recently started a sabbatical scheme called ‘Welsh in a year’ with Cardiff University through the Welsh Government, but has been a big part of our school community and YBC family prior to that, teaching pupils within Key Stages 3, 4 and Post-16 over the last 3 years.


As you can imagine, the school community and YBC family have an incredibly challenging journey ahead in terms of managing the impact on our very special learners at the school, alongside grieving for a member of staff, colleague and friend. We do have support systems in-place in the school and will continue to support all members of our YBC family as we start to understand and accept this tragic news.


The school became aware of this information last week but in-line with the wishes of Huw’s family we were unfortunately unable to share this information with you all. We will be informing pupils about this sad event during the school day on Tuesday 22nd September, however if you would prefer to discuss this with your child(ren) at home this evening then we would support that decision.


We recognise that discussing this sad event may result in a range of emotions for our young people who may already be finding the transition period to full school reopening and the Covid-19 pandemic challenging and unsettling. We would encourage you to reach out and seek support if you or your child are finding things difficult by contacting one of the following services or YBC during school opening hours;

  • Cruse bereavement support – 08088 081677
  • Samaritans – 116 123 or email jo@samaritans.org


Grief is a long journey and I am confident that as a school community our YBC family are able to navigate this difficult path and support one another and move forwards together.


Many thanks for your messages of support