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Key Stage 2

Welcome to the Key Stage 2 Curriculum page.

KS2 has a special role in providing a secure, safe and supportive learning environment which caters for each child's individual needs. We encourage engagement in meaningful learning activities by providing access to a broad and balanced curriculum. Using the National Curriculum Objectives, our lessons are tailored and individualised to cater for the needs of pupils.

Our timetable is structured to allow for flexibility and creativity within our lessons. We have a healthy breakfast to ensure we are ready to learn and have PE nearly every day! Social opportunities are encouraged with various paired/grouped activities by playing games, completing tasks and other fun activities!

Daily Basic Skills are completed to develop the pupils reading, spelling and mathematical skills. Every Friday pupils participate in ‘Friday Activities’ in which they choose an activity to engage in. 

In each term pupils study a different topic. Pupils are given an opportunity to inform what they would like learn about. Each topic is thematic and cross-curricular to allow for coverage of skills in the KS2 curriculum. 


Summer Term 2023