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Key Stage 3 follow the Welsh curriculum taking into account the LNF and National Curriculum.


All lessons incorporate quick fire or rapid questions either done through oral games, interative work or timed activities. Each lesson incorporates a number of parts; an introduction re-capping on prior learning then introducing the lesson and new learning within a context so that the children have an idea where this learning will fit in. At this juncture the context will be explained in a way that allows the learner to make links with not only their prior learning and but also the learning that has taken place in other lessons. The context will be explained well enough so that the pupils gain an understanding of real life applications in a familiar context.The last part of the lesson is a plenary bringing the learning together and will sometimes involve a challenge in order to effectively gauge the learning that has taken place during the lesson. Pupils are encouraged to self and peer assess according to a criteria that they understand.


Pupils are encouraged to use packages such as Mathletics to support the learning that is happening in the classroom, embedding knowledge but also extending the children through differentiated challenge and learning activities.


All work is aimed at developing confidence and numerate citizens. Pupils who are struggling or have been identified as having higher mathematical skills will have extra support through intervention work.

More able learners are challenged to gain qualifications at an earlier stage of their academic careers if appropriate.