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At the start of Key Stage 3 pupils start to develop an understanding of the world around them. They start to develop an understanding of their place on the planet and the processes that create the environment in which they live.


Pupils develop an understanding of co-ordinates and map reading skills. They develop an understanding of the tectonic forces that drive the continents and create the earth’s surface. They develop an understanding of the processes of erosion and weathering that break the earth’s land mass down.


Pupils learn about the water cycle and the atmosphere and eco-systems. They will learn about the problems of water and air pollution. They will develop an understanding of the problems faced by their local communities.


A large part of the Humanities course is the development of pupil knowledge and understanding of the local environment and the effect of their community on the environment.


All pupils will have the chance to make a positive contribution to their local community by taking part in several community based projects.

This may involve carrying out surveys of the local beaches to find out what types of rubbish have been washed ashore. They will take part in the removal of litter from the shoreline as well as monitoring the local beach wildlife.


Pupils will also have the chance to create new woodland environments. The trees will be local indigenous species provided by the Woodland Trust.