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Pupils have a combination of 1-hour English lessons and 30-minute English lessons per week in Years 7, 8 and 9 totaling 4 hours per week. A total of 2 hours of lesson time per week will follow a carousel structure in which pupils will complete three rotations of the following activities: a reading session, grammar activity, phonics/spelling session and a session on the LEXIA program. This ensures that pupils are developing their core literacy skills to enable them to access the wider curriculum. Based on their reading age, during the reading portion of the lesson pupils will either take part in a 1:1 Rapid Reader with the teacher or in a read to self session following the Accelerated Reader scheme (all pupils will be listened to once per week). Also based on prior assessment pupils with either take part in a structured phonics session from the Rapid Phonics scheme or an independent spelling patterns exercise. The grammar activity content will be taught to the whole class at the start of the week and then pupils will work through a range of activities to consolidate that knowledge throughout the week either independently or with support staff support. Pupils will be individually assessed and leveled using the LEXIA program and then will work through their personalised program of study independently.


During the other 2 hours of sessions during the week pupils will engage in thematic taught sessions which will take allow pupils to practically apply the skills they have learnt.



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