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Pupils who start KS3 are encouraged to develop an awareness of belief and faith. It is made very clear to pupils that they are never going to be told what they should believe but they will develop an understanding of all the major world faiths.They are encouraged at all times to develop pupil voice and ask any questions that may occur to them. The journey to independent thinking will take them from ks3 to the end of Post 16.


Pupils are asked whether they believe in God or not. The pupils’ response is used to develop an introduction to the world’s major faiths. The words theist, atheist and agnostic are introduced.

When pupils have a basic understanding of what the words mean the arguments for believing in a particular faith are developed through an understanding of suffering and the response to suffering.


Pupils follow the development of the Christian faith and Christian calendar through the school year. Pupils are encouraged to develop an understanding of Christian values through the more well-known bible stories. The Good Samaritan story is used to underpin a lot of the major charity days that we have throughout the school year. Pupils are encouraged to think about their environment. They learn about looking after the planet through the world’s major faiths and stewardship.