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Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term


Out of this World

Come Fly with Me



Space Odyssey

What planet are you from?

Time Travel

Faster than the speed of light?

Around the World in 80 Day’s

Where does Wales fit?

Traveller’s Tales

Where would you take a selfie?

Land of the Pharaoh’s

Where did it all begin?

Through the Eyes of Women

How does society view women?

2023 -2024

The Big Questions

Extreme Earth

Light, Camera Action!


Diwali Dreams

How brightly can you shine?

New Beginnings

The afterlife - what do you believe?

Forces of Nature

Can you feel the force?

Fire, Famine, Floods

How will you plan, prepare, survive?

The Hills are Alive…

What is the sound of your music?

Arts Award

Life through the Lens

What can you see?

2024 -2025

The Lost Worlds

Heroes and Villains

Into the Blue


Archeology Adventure!

Which fallen kingdom will you discover?


What will survive?


Who inspires you?


Heroes or villains?

Ocean Deep

How deep will you dive?


Can you change the world?



Qualification Map ASD Department