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Letter from Lindsay Iorwerth Harvey (Mr) Corporate Director – Education and Family Support, Bridgend County Borough Council


14 July 2020


Dear Parent/Carer


Thank you for your support, understanding and patience over the past four months. I am grateful to you all for everything you have done to assist your child’s learning, your child’s school and the local authority at this difficult time.


This letter will provide you with further information in respect of your child/ren will return to school from September 2020.


As a result of the Minister for Education’s recent announcement regarding the reopening of schools, the local authority is keen to work with schools and Parents/Carers to ensure all pupils return to school in September as soon as it practicably possible to do so.


All Bridgend schools will be open for staff only between Tuesday 1 September and Thursday 3 September (inclusive). This period will allow school staff to plan and reconfigure the school in readiness for pupils returning to schools.


Parents/Carers are advised that Bridgend schools are not open for pupils during this period.


From Friday 4 September, certain year groups will start to return to school.


The following table provides further information in relation how pupils will return to Ysgol Bryn Castell School on Friday 4 September.


School Day Start/End Times

Friday 4 September


Start: 9:30

End: 12:30



  • All learners new to Ysgol Bryn Castell



From Monday 7 September, Ysgol Bryn Castell will welcome pupils back to school with nearly all pupils attending full time by Friday 11 of September.


At Ysgol Bryn Castell each class group will be split into Group A and Group B, with pupils returning to school according to the following table during the week commencing Monday 7 September;


Pupil Group

Monday 7 September

Tuesday 8 September

Wednesday 9 September

Thursday 10 September

Friday 11 September

Group A

Start: 9:00

End: 11:20

Start: 9:00

End: 12:20

Start: 9:00

End: 13:20

Start: 9:00

End: 14:20

Start: 9:00

End: 14:45

Group B

Start: 13:00

End: 15:20

Start: 12:00

End: 15:20

Start: 11:00

End: 15:20

Start: 10:00

End: 15:20

Start: 9:00

End: 14:45


Class teams will be in touch to confirm which group your child will be in before Friday 17 July.


In-line with usual admissions procedures, pupils new to Ysgol Bryn Castell will be offered a bespoke transition package that best meets their individual needs. If your child is new to Ysgol Bryn Castell, Mrs Jane Marsh or Miss Sara Kulpa (Home School Liaison Officers) will contact you directly regarding arrangements for your child.


If the transition back to school is too challenging for pupils then the school may need to reconsider the number, frequency and timing of sessions which for some pupils may involve an alternative provision of support.


In conclusion, I would like to thank you all, once again, for your continuing support at a very difficult time.


I hope you all enjoy the summer break and I look forward to seeing pupils back in schools from September.










Lindsay Iorwerth Harvey (Mr)


Corporate Director – Education and Family Support

Bridgend County Borough Council