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Letter from Lindsay Harvey - Corporate Director – Education and Family Support Bridgend County Borough Council






Uned Cymorth Cyfarwyddiaeth Addysg a Chymorth i Deuluoedd  (UCCACD)

Education and Family Support Directorate –

Directorate Support Unit (EDSU)


Deialu uniongyrchol / Direct line: 01656 642617


Ein cyf / Our ref: EDSU/LH/KE



Eich cyf / Your ref:



Dyddiad / Date:  5 March 2021



Dear Parent/Carer


Further to the Minister for Education’s recent announcement, I am pleased to confirm that, from Monday 15 March, Bridgend schools (including The Bridge) will be providing on-site education for:


  • all primary school-aged learners;
  • vulnerable learners;
  • learners undertaking essential examinations or assessments; and
  • learners in Years 11 and 13 (learners in Years 11 and 14 in Heronsbridge).

Secondary schools will also aim to provide:


  • some access to on-site education provision for learners in Years 10 and 12 (especially those involved in examinations and/or assessments); and
  • opportunities for learners in Years 7, 8 and 9 to ‘check in’ with a view to supporting their wellbeing and readiness for return to school.

From Monday 15 March, all Year 7 and Year 8 children of critical workers (as defined by Welsh Government) are eligible for on-site/in-school provision in Bridgend schools.


Should you require on-site provision for your child/ren (in Year 7 and Year 8) from Monday 15 March, I would be grateful if you could inform the school during usual communication with the school.


Parents/carers are advised that this facility should only be used where alternative childcare arrangements are unavailable.


Subject to medical/scientific advice, we hope to welcome all learners back to schools following the Easter break. Your child’s school will be in contact with you shortly to confirm arrangements. Each school’s plans will be guided by the school facilities, the sizes of year groups and their detailed risk assessments. Remote learning will continue to be provided for self-isolating learners and those year groups not accessing face-to-face learning in school.


All Covid-related risk assessments will be updated by schools to reflect current Welsh Government and local authority guidance on the phased return of learners to school.


All staff have the option of participating in twice-weekly lateral flow tests to keep everyone in the school community safe. There will be an opportunity for young people in Year 10 and above to also undertake twice-weekly lateral flow testing in the home context. Further information and detailed guidance on this will follow as soon as this is made available by Welsh Government.


Thank you, once again, for your continuing support and patience.




Lindsay Iorwerth Harvey (Mr)


Corporate Director – Education and Family Support

Bridgend County Borough Council