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Letter to Parents/Carers from Mrs H. Ridout

Friday 17th July 2020

Dear Parents and Carers

Further to the letter sent by Mr Lindsay Harvey (Corporate Director – Education and Family Support, Bridgend County Borough Council), I am writing to confirm arrangements for the full reopening of  Ysgol Bryn Castell from September 2020. As always, Ysgol Bryn Castell’s priority is for the health and wellbeing of everyone in our school community, and this will not change going forwards.


From Friday 4th September 2020, pupils will begin their transition back to school with all new learners to the school visiting on Friday 4th September;

School Day Start/End Times

Friday 4 September

Start: 9:30

End: 12:30

  • All learners new to Ysgol Bryn Castell



In-line with usual admissions procedures, pupils new to Ysgol Bryn Castell will then be offered a bespoke transition package that best meets their individual needs.


From Monday 7th September, each class group will be split into Group A and Group B, with pupils returning to school according to the following table;

Pupil Group

Monday 7th  September

Tuesday 8th  September

Wednesday 9th  September

Thursday 10th  September

Friday 11th  September

Group A

Start: 9:00

End: 11:20

Start: 9:00

End: 12:20

Start: 9:00

End: 13:20

Start: 9:00

End: 14:20

Start: 9:00

End: 14:45

Group B

Start: 13:00

End: 15:20

Start: 12:00

End: 15:20

Start: 11:00

End: 15:20

Start: 10:00

End: 15:20

Start: 9:00

End: 14:45


The school recognises that for many pupils their levels of social interaction will have been significantly reduced during the school closure period and will find the reintegration to school challenging. If the transition back to school is too challenging for your child then the school may need to reconsider the number, frequency and timing of sessions which for some pupils may involve an alternative provision of support.


It is also recognised that all members of the school community will have experienced some kind of loss as a result of the global Covid-19 pandemic and school staff have been busy developing our YBC curriculum to enable pupils to reconnect and recover through a Trauma Informed Approach when we return to school.

Ysgol Bryn Castell will build upon the current geographical zonal model that has successfully been in place since school closure. This zonal model involves pupils and staff staying within discrete groups and areas of the school, which minimises the number of contacts and promotes physical (social) distancing whilst working towards maximising a broad and balanced curriculum for pupils.;

Geographical zone

Maximum number of pupils


Geographical location



Usual offer with minimal changes and impact.




Recovery and reconnection curriculum offered by reduced number of staff; more nurture-focussed activities and provision but with some curriculum rotation. Potentially reduced access to specialist areas.




More ‘usual’ timetable offer although this will be offered by a reduced number of staff to minimise contacts.

Specialist areas



More ‘usual’ timetable offer although this will be offered by a reduced number of staff to minimise contacts.




Usual offer with accredited options delivered from smaller staff group and potentially reduced access to specialist areas.



This model will remain under review and we will work towards implementing a more ‘usual’ schooling experience as soon as we are able.


School staff have worked tirelessly during the 2019/2020 academic year to support our pupils and will be taking a well-earned rest for the Summer Holiday period; this means that school staff will be unable to offer regular communication with families over this period but support can be accessed by contacting Laura James (Vulnerable Groups Coordinator) on 01656 642421.


Sincere thanks for all your support, understanding and encouragement over what has been a very challenging academic year; we look forward to a time where we are able to have our YBC Family all safely back together.


Stay safe and happy holidays,


Mrs Helen Ridout and all at Ysgol Bryn Castell