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Industrial Action Activities

Wednesday 1st February



Language, Literacy and Communication


  1. Acrostic poem of your name
  2. Write a story as if you have just landed in Bridgend from space and send a report back to your planet
  3. Describe or draw your favourite character from a book or film


Maths and Numeracy


  1. Record yourself counting as high as you can in Welsh
  2. Find out how much it would cost to cook a roast dinner for your family
  3. Find numbers around your house and add them up to make the biggest number you can


Science and Technology


  1. Make a model of something you love  
  2. Find a recipe for your favourite meal
  3. Make a smoothie





  1. Name the countries in the rugby six nations. Who do you think will win?
  2. List the 5 largest mountains in Wales
  3. Write about or draw a place that you have visited



Health and Wellbeing


  1. Exercise for 20 minutes
  2. Mindfulness colouring
  3. Create a logo for your favourite sports team


Expressive Arts


  1. Make a photo-collage of local landmarks
  2. Spell your name using outdoor materials like leaves and twigs
  3. Draw or collage a self-portrait