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End of Term Arrangements - BCBC Letter

                                                                                   Uned Cymorth Cyfarwyddiaeth Addysg a Chymorth i
                                                                                   Deuluoedd (UCCACD)
                                                                                   Education and Family Support Directorate –
                                                                                   Directorate Support Unit (EDSU)
                                                                                   Deialu uniongyrchol / Direct line: 01656 642617
                                                                                   Ein cyf / Our ref: EDSU/LH
                                                                                   Eich cyf / Your ref:
                                                                                   Dyddiad / Date: 9 December 2020



Dear Parent/Carer

Further to my letter to you on 4 December 2020 and a recent press release about the end-ofterm
arrangements, I write again to advise you of some recent important changes.
Following extensive discussions, it has been agreed that all Bridgend infant, junior, primary and
secondary schools will close on Wednesday 16 December and their learners will move to
online learning only on 17 and 18 December.

Ysgol Bryn Castell and Heronsbridge will open as normal to all pupils until the end of the day on
18 December.

The last day of term for sixth form students to physically attend school will be Friday 11
December. Secondary schools will provide online learning only for all sixth form students during
the week commencing Monday 14 December.

Please be assured that the local authority and its schools are continuing to do everything
possible to prioritise your child’s safety and educational needs.

With my thanks for your ongoing support and understanding
Yours sincerely
Lindsay Iorwerth Harvey (Mr)
Uned Cymorth Cyfarwyddiaeth Addysg a Chymorth i Deuluoedd (UCCACD)
Education and Family Support Directorate Support Unit (EDSU)