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Pupils in KS4 build on their previous learning in KS3 and work towards gaining accreditation in the Agored Cymru Units, “Diversity in society” and “Equality and Diversity”.


Pupils are given the chance to develop the concept of equality and diversity and how they can support this in their own environment. Pupils develop a deeper knowledge and understanding of diversity in society. They are given the chance to make a contribution to the main assemblies for Remembrance, Holocaust Memorial Day and the Harvest Festival. A number of pupils make a contribution to the school assemblies by creating the displays.


As part of the course pupils are challenged by some of the more complex moral and ethical issues that young people face today.

By the time pupils finish the course they will have developed the knowledge and thinking skills to understand some of the main issues that confront young people today. They will have developed as individuals and can make a positive contribution to a diverse and tolerant society.