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All of the teaching and learning in ASD 2 is as creative as possible, ensuring the work is individualised for all learners' needs. We follow the National curriculum and track pupil progress against the Literacy and Numeracy Framework for Wales. Within ASD 2 there is a huge focus on accreditations and we provide our learners with a wide range of qualifications. These include Entry Level English and Maths, BTEC ICT and life skills such as Travel Training and Cookery; giving pupils the best opportunities for when they leave YBC. ASD 2 is mainly for Key Stage 4 pupils, but boundaries continuously change.


Our ASD 2 timetable is varied and allows our learners to access the curriculum in a hands-on way. We keep the day well-structured and we follow the same routines almost every day.

Bike skills           Horticulture       Cooking           Travel training 


skill based learning